The Plastic Scrap Granulators (Grinders) are designed to Minimize Wastage and Maximize Profits. All machines are Strong in design, Ruggedness, Reliable and Low Power Consumptions.

Wide Range of Machines are designed for specific applications like: -
  • Injection Moulded Scrap Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding of all Thermoplastics, which includes PP, HDPE, Nylone, Delrin, San, Polycarbonate, ABS, Glass Filled etc.
  • Blow Moulded Scrap Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding of HDPE, PP, PVC, Polycarbonate, Blow Moulded Scrap.
  • Thermoforming Sheet Scrap Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding HIPS, PVC, PP, PET, Thermoforming Sheet Scrap.
  • PET Bottle / Preform Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding of PET Bottles, Jars and Preforms.
  • Pipe & Profile Grinders (Built in Chute for long Pipes and Profiles)
    Suitable for Grinding Pipes of PVC, HDPE, Profile and also Pipe Fittings, Side Chute is provided for direct feeding of long Scrap Pipes / Profiles.
  • Rafia Tapes / Monofilaments Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding PP, HDPE, Nylon Tapes & Monofilaments.
  • Film Scrap Grinders
    Suitable for Grinding of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, HM, PP, PVC, BOPP, Polyster Film Scrap.

    All the above Grinders are suitable for Blower Cyclones and Dust Separation Systems.
  • Blower Cyclones and Dust Separation System
    Dust Separating System can be retrofitted on existing Grinders as well.
    Why Separate?
    • Fines and Dust generated during the Grinding process can cause contamination in processing equipment.
    • Dust causes Black spot on Moulded products and leds to a lower product quality
    • Dust can prove a health hazard

    Separation is a simple process. The Grinding material is passed through a blower cyclone at high pressure. The pressurized are lifts the lighter dust and fine particles and pushes them out through a separate outlet, leaving the cleaner dust free grinding material to fall through the main outlet.

    The option of Single Central Dust Separating System to Handle all Moulding and Grinding is also available.

    Various types of Duct Separators available are as under: -

Mixer & Blenders

  • Tumbling Type Plastic Dry Colour Mixers

    Suitable for Mixing of Granules with Pigment Masterbatchs, Liquid Masterbatches. Can also be used for homogeneous mixing of grinding and virgin material. The Vessels are made from Stainless Steel.

    Silent Features
    • Vessels are also fitted at an angle for better and faster mixing
    • Geared motor drive for lesser power consumption
    • Protective Fence with safety Interlock
    • Offers consistent material Mixing
    • Standard Models available up to 300 Kgs/Batch
    Plastic High Sped Mixers
    • Suitable for Preheating
    • M.S. Vessel
    • Also available for PVC Compounding
    Ribbon Blenders
    • Rugged Construction
    • Suitable for large Volumes
    • Homogeneous Mixing
    • Tailor made to Mixing requirements

Dryer / Agglomerator

  • Plastic Films Agglomerator (Densifier)
    • This machine is ideal for Conveying Film Scrap of LDPE / HDPE / HM / PP / BOPP / Tapes / Rafia / Foam in to dense cubes for easy feeding in to the Extruder.

Blade Re sharpening

  • Blade Re-sharpening Machines

    Suitable for re-sharpening blades of Grinders, Agglomerators and Pellitizers.

    These economical machines increase the life of your blades and give you control over the knife sharpening process. No need to send blades outside for re-sharpening when you can do them in house. The machines are compact, portable and robustly built.

Cooling Tower

  • Compact light-weight design
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Weather Ė Proof construction
  • Ensure long lasting life
Advantages & Functional Features
Modular construction

National Cooling Towers are of vertical induced draft counter flow design. The tower ideal with regard space economy and cooling efficiency.

F.R.P. Body

The body of the tower made of tough fibre glass reinforced plastic. It has sufficient structural strength to withstand high industrial vibrations and velocity. It is resistant to local impacts and even if damage is sustained local repairs can easily be done.

Special Motors (IP 55)

Continuous rating shock-proof totally enclosed type as per IP 55 and suitable for outdoor mounting.


The fan is directly driven and of axial flow type. The fan blades are of cast aluminium completely free from problem encountered with belt and gear drives

Drift Eliminator

It prevents spray entrainment reduces carryover losses of water. The eliminator is of rigid P.V.C.

P.V.C. Fill

Corrosion resistant fill are of polyvinyl chloride in honey comb design.

Fixed sprinkler with spray nozzles

Fixed sprinkler with spray nozzles for uniform distribution of water over the fill area. Nozzles are easily removable for cleaning through the inspection window.

Inspection Window

Easy operating window is provided to inspect from where water distribution and fill can be observed clearly. Any repairing can be done through the window.

Most Economical

Smaller H.P. Motors are used for the towers to make a great deal of difference in operating cost. Aiming to deliver quality product economical price.


Considerable reduced because fan is the only moving part of the cooling tower, Fixed distribution system instead of rotating sprinkler which eliminates all bearing and frictional problems.

Water chiller

We supply water chiller from Cold stream, India. Cold stream is one of the well organized and renowned establishments in designing, manufacturing, commercial chilling units.

  • Instant Cooling
  • No Storage
  • No Recycling
  • No Corrosion during cooling process
  • Maximum cooling obtainable 2° C
  • Split system provided to avoid heat generation in processing plant.
  • Cooling unit operative even at lower voltage
  • Fully automatic with digital display temperature controller.
  • The unit is designed and manufactured as perís customers Requirement

Hopper Dryer & Loader