Blow Moulding Machine

We offer Blow Moulding Machine from Central Plastic Machinery and Products which is famous all over world with Brand Name of CMP. CMP is the Best Blow Moulding Machine Manufacturers in India. The Machines are High Output & Fast Production Machines with or without De-flashing systems. CMP has wide range of Machine and the beauty is, for smaller products smaller capacity machines are available. The Capacity of Machines are from 50 ml to 20 Ltr and option for Single and Double Station with Single and Multiple Head.

The CMP De-Flashing Systems are a modular compact design. The extruder, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are console and unitized, making it exceptionally easy to customize the machine to meet your exact needs. In De-Flashing Machines automatic scrape removal inside & outside the mould for bottles, wide neck articles and jerry cans with handle, using push contact, blow pin scrape trimmer or circular cutter with removal grippers

Silent Features
  • Fully Automatic
  • Continuous Parison
  • Simple to Operate
  • More Versatility
  • Great Reliability in Production
  • Infinitely Variable Speed A.C. Drive with High Output
Selection Options
Single or Double Station with or without De-Flashing Machines in different models with options of:
  • Double Head
  • Bobbing Extruders
  • Viewing Strip Machine
  • Hot Wire Cutter
  • Bottom Blowing System
  • Angular Blowing Attachment
  • Multi Point Parison Control
  • Extruders with Bigger Screws

Leak Testing Machine

For Commercial Leak Testing of Containers from 100 ml to 30 Ltr with Consistency and Accuracy for Premium Quality Assurance. The Leak Detector provides accurate Medium High Speed Leak Detection in a Versatile Machine with easy Controls.

The heart of Machine is a proven high performance Micro PLC Controller with flexible software in that allows the machine to be tailored to required need.

The unit incorporates screen that show all the vital operating parameters on the display and an innovative menu system to access other parameter and options.

Silent Features
  • Fully Automatic
  • A.C. Variable Speed Motor
  • Options of Multi Testing Heads
  • Digital Transducer Technology with two set points
  • Rejection with Alarm
  • Adjust to any conveyor and container Type
  • Modular Design