PET Stretch Blowing Machine

We offer PET Stretch Blowing Machine from Famous Brand 'Global PET'. The 'Global PET' Machines are two stage, linear type blow moulding machines with simple and unique design. It uses combination of Pneumatic and Hydraulic versions for better and fast quality output. Robustness and long lasting service of component are protected by mechanical and electrical safety systems. Constant quality of bottle production is based on the precision repetition of heater control and stretch motions. Preform carries and blow cells are easily changeable allowing product versatility. The main function of start up operation are combined on the machine integrated LCD Control Panel. Trouble Storage can be accomplished by accessing the LCD Display Screen, Programmed to assist the Operator in evaluating machine conditions. Multi Security devices insure the safety of operators and protect the machine.

The wide range of Machines as per output requirements. Mainly Two Types of Machine like, Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machines and Semi Automatic PET Stretch Blowing machines.

Semi Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine (Preform to Bottle / Jar)

Wide range of Machines for Bottles and Jar of 50 ml to 20 Ltr with One and Two Cavity Machines. Also machines for Cold Filling and Hot Filling. Production output from 400 Bottles (Jar) Per Hr to 700 Bottles per Hr.

Also Machines available for Higher Output options of Two Blow + One Conveyor and for specific shape of bottles Auto Drop Machine.

  • Built –in Philips automatic microprocessor.
  • High quality cylinders and valves are standard equipments of the machine.
  • Pressure adjustable valve controls the high pressure blowing air.
  • The valves controls the pressure of the compressed air, excessive air is vent out through a silencer.
  • Machine maintenance, testing and production have manual and semi auto mode.
  • Genuine parts are used to enhance machine file.
  • One conveyor can have maximum two blowing machines.

Fully Automatic PET Stretch Blowing Machine (Preform to Bottle / Jar)

Wide range of Machines from 500 ml Bottle till 5 Ltr Jar, One Cavity, Two Cavity and Four Cavity Machines. Production Output from 1000 Bottles / Hr to 4000 Bottles / Hr.

Silent Features
  • Compact Design for Space saving
  • Specially developed ejector and loading arms
  • Special hydraulic valve for fast mould opening/closing
  • High quality valves, cylinders for trouble free production
  • Philips 16 Bid –XAG-49 PLC
  • Hydraulic Clamping system for better quality bottles.
  • In built self diagnostic function will display fault areas with cause and remedies to ensure hassle free production.
  • Recall memory up to 40 parameters setting.
  • High sensitive sensors are provided for safety of machines.
  • In built cooling system for neck cooling, mould cooling and oil cooling.
  • Auto –feeder for perform to reduce man power.
  • Specially designed hopper storage to hold 150 kg. Performs which ensure at least 3 hours of continuous production.

Hot fill PET Bottle Moulding Machine

It is well known that the Pet Bottles are commonly used in mineral water and carbonated soft drinks for years due to its excellent properties in transparency, Gas Barrier and dimensional stability.

To cope up with the growing demand in non carbonated drinks such as fruit juices, cold tea, sauces; we have introduced our new technological upgraded, innovative blow moulding machine for hot fill applications.

The Pet Bottles with heat setting treatment which can be hot filled, are widely produced by axial oriented stretch blow moulding process. Through this process, toughness, strength and gas barrier properties are further enhanced in addition to the light weight and aesthetic improvements in the blown bottles.

  • High oil circulation system manifold.
  • High pressure blowing manifold for chill air unit.
  • Chilled air unit through inside stretch rod for after blowing.
  • For high pressure blowing using.
  • For chilled air Parkar Lusifer Valve Swizz made upto 25 Bar.
  • Machine maintenance, testing and production have manual and semi auto mode.
  • Specialized Heaters with directional counting for better heat transfer.
  • In built cooling system for neck cooling.
  • In built pipe line to control the temperature of mould by just attaching mould temperature controllet.
Technical Advantages & Specifications
  • The HF series of machines are two stage, biaxial type stretch blow moulding with simple and unique design.
  • The machine contains France make Toshiba Heaters with closed loop heater and one side is white coated for two modules. Penetration - Heater preform thickness 4mm, each module is 8 heaters, total number of heater is 16 nos., Heater capacity is 1.5 kw each, total capacity is 24 kw.
  • Preform indexing speed is variable type.
  • Provosion to set movement for individual heater.
  • Neck cooling system to avoid neck deforming.
  • Special programme in P.L.C. System for Hot filling.
  • Multiple security devices insure the safety of operators and protect the machine.